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As a designer and metalworker I tend to design pieces that stress the importance of unity and order with precision and concentration on details and craftsmanship. ​ The repetition in the process; hammering and forming, cutting, sanding, engraving, welding, all brings me to a Zen like moment, high on creating something that does not exist otherwise.


As a student I was curious to experiment with a variety of materials such as bronze, brass, copper, steel, silver, nickel as well as resin, bone, stone, wood, paper, plastic, recycled materials and more. However, I have designed my studio for working with steel.

I created a wide range of work using different techniques such as, machining (mill, lathe), wire work, stone setting, etching, forming, blacksmithing, welding as well as variety of hand fabrication techniques and tools.​ Copper forming challenged my patience level but showed me flexibility, welding made me want to live, dangerous and stimulating. Finally, wirework taught me to enjoy a slower paste, growing softly but precisely. Achieving perfection through repetition.


My new collection will be going towards a complete different direction, larger scale sculptural pieces. Compared to my previous work, smaller scale jewelry pieces, a few table tops and art objects, this will be a great challenge for me to expand my limits beyond the idea of scale. Like using any medium to create something that never existed, I am passionate to bring out a side of me that would not exist without art.


There is a remarkable amount of freedom in repetition of symmetrical forms and geometrical shapes. I am fascinated by the power of forms, lines and angles when they sit next to one another with different compositions, creating a pattern, a monument, an installation. When "One" becomes a 1000, it holds power even if it is just a simple line.​