During my school years I started working as a server and bartender to sustain my life and I mainly focused on service industry after graduation due to high costs of living in San Francisco. Amazingly, my love for art, culture, food, flavors and more importantly community has opened doors for me to pursue my dreams in opening my business in the Mission District, San Francisco that offers all these in one place. Arcana is a contemporary urban greenhouse that houses a vegan-vegetarian restaurant and tea lounge hosting live classical, jazz and folk music as well as special performance by local artists.


Currently I am the lead designer of the space and have been focused on designing a staircase for a 22' high ceiling at my store, which will be fully made from steel. The staircase will be resembling a huge terrarium-like cage that will be home to some of our plants and climbing ivies.

For more information please visit: Arcana


I grew up in Iran, a country rich with art, culture, history and hospitality. With my mother's taste in arts and design and my father's talent in working with his hands at our family farm and our house, it was likely I would turn out to be who I am today. My passion for creating and building is my main motivation to move forward in life.

Due to my engagement in the attempted Green Revolution in 2009 in Iran I was arrested and kept behind bars in solitary confinement. I am an artist activist who was banned from going to any university in my country and forced to move out to continue my education. My family supported me to move to United States for a better life in freedom. As a queer artist no place was better for me than San Francisco. City of rainbows, craziness and liberation, where many revolutionary movements in politics, arts and music have deep roots in its lands. 

After moving on from the past and taking a few detours in life, I finally attended Academy of Art University in San Francisco, an urban campus with the diversity I was looking for. On my first visit to Academy of Art, I could not be more excited when I heard the sounds coming from the metal-shop. It is so rough and intimidating, the sound of a difficult medium bending down to craftsmanship. Seeing this ritual-like “performance”, I immediately fell in love with this medium, metal. I completed my BFA in Jewelry and Metal Arts at Academy of Art University as well as my Graphic Design degree from University of San Francisco and American University of Dubai. I now have a welding shop in Berkeley, California.